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"I am passionate about working towards a more inclusive and open-minded society through programming that educates and introduces new perspectives and experiences.


I believe that the arts are vital to understanding different points of view and challenging our own ways of thinking. I also care deeply about growing and supporting the Japanese American community."

Evan Shigaya is a fourth-generation Japanese American native of Denver, Colorado.
He received a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the Colorado School of Mines and
currently works as an Engineer at Medtronic in Boulder, Colorado. His grandparents were in the incarceration camps during World War II and his paternal grandfather served in the
442nd Regimental Combat Team. As a result of his family history and being involved with the
Denver Buddhist Temple from an early age, he is passionate about growing and supporting the Denver Japanese American community. Evan is an alumnus of the Mirai Generations Leadership program and a member of the Denver Buddhist Temple Board of Directors.
He has supported planning of events for both JA-NE and Next Gen JA.  

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