Black, Indigenous, People of Color Unity Throughout History


Racism is rampant within this country as evidenced by the unjust killings of Black folx, the rise in anti-Asian sentiment due to COVID-19, Latinx children in cages, and much more. We acknowledge that the current high tensions may promote distrust between our communities, which only serves to benefit the existence of white supremacy.

However, our histories show time and again that BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) communities have banded together both nationally, and within local communities here in Colorado, to support each other and fight for a more equitable world.


Stories of Solidarity aims to showcase the strength and resilience that exists when BIPOC communities unite These stories exist throughout our history but are not widely known to the public. Our project recognizes that we have shared experiences of systemic racism in this country and implores us to understand that we are stronger together.


We aim to gather stories of solidarity within the BIPOC communities in Colorado, share these stories and those found throughout history with BIPOC artists and creatives to educate them, and promote and share these stories with the wider community - both online and in-person.



The team behind this grassroots project is Joie Ha, Courtney Ozaki, Stephanie Tanny, and Bruce Tetsuya - several Asian American leaders that grew up in Denver, Colorado.


We are seeking to diversify our team to include other BIPOC community leaders and creatives - please reach-out to us if you are interested in being a part of this work: We are discouraged by the rising tensions between communities that are often highlighted by the media, and endeavor to change the narrative. We are also partnering with other organizations that have similar values and interests.

We are looking for personal and historical stories, big and small that demonstrate ways our communities have worked together, learned from one another, stood up for each other, and fought side by side in Colorado.

For example: Ralph Lazo was a Latinx high school student who, in protest and solidarity, voluntarily relocated to a Japanese American internment camp during World War II.

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