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The Japanese Arts Network (JA-NE) is a national resource

for artistic collaboration and connection.


We provide access to resources and develop programs and platforms that support and strengthen visibility for JaJA (Japanese and Japanese-American) Artists in America who create with ‘cultural intention’ and are vital to society. We are dedicated to bringing together artists, communities, and stakeholders by celebrating and advancing Japanese arts experiences in America.



A Supernatural Immersive Japanese Folktale

ZOTTO is an expansive collaboration between some of the most ground-breaking and genre-shattering theater makers currently operating in Denver and is brought to life by a superb, all-women cast.

The experience invites audiences deep into the heart of Sakura Square, the historical cultural hub of Denver's Japanese American community (1905 Lawrence Street), and explores the history of Japanese Americans from forced incarceration during WWII to resettlement in Denver, acknowledging community trauma, erasure, and importantly, community healing and resilience. 

Audiences follow mysterious fox spirit Dr. Kitsu into an immersive, explorable world interweaving Japanese folklore, historical events, and a quest for inter-generational connection.

Ozaki Family Larimer - Photorapher Unknown.jpeg


The Japanese Experience in Five Points


In the wake of WWII during the 1940’s, following the closing of America’s incarceration camps, the area surrounding and within the historic Five Points neighborhood in Denver, Colorado saw a surge of Japanese-American culture and business in the “Larimer Corridor” downtown. Japanese businesses were concentrated during this time in the Five Points area due to oppressive redlining which did not allow them to open in other parts of the city. Japanese arrivals joined other communities of color who also inhabited and owned businesses in this stretch of neighborhood.

Today, we remember this vibrant and cross-cultural neighborhood through the voices of lived experiences- and we celebrate the Japanese Americans and Five Points residents who are creating history for future generations in Denver's Five Points. 

rgb 1 5x10 card illustration lullabye kambara ni do to Shirley Su.tiff

IKKAI MEANS ONCE, Out of the Dust, and
NI DO TO:an XR Pilgrimage w/KAMBARA+ and
erst Center for the Arts at Georgia Tech

Utilizing contemporary creative practices, Sankei reflects on the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II, explores their lives, traumas, and resilience, and engenders solidarity with all communities facing the violence of xenophobic policies.  



AAPI Mental Health

Community, Self-Care, Healing, Support, and Action

Visit our dedicated page to AAPI Mental Health in honor of May being AAPI Heritage Month and National Mental Health Awareness month, and also in recognition and support of anybody who is seeking resources, connection, and opportunities for action.  We are not broken - our cracks and imperfections shine with strength and resilience as individuals and as a community.    

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